Marlo & Paul Conte; Wedding

When was the last time you saw a love so pure and true it gave you goosebumps? I had that exact feeling on May 26. Paul & Marlo were perfect from the day I met with them to talk about their Wedding.. they were so easy going, and just so in love. When I received their contract in the mail there is a section that reads: "any other situations I should be aware of?" Which was answered with "groom loves bride more than anything!" At this point, I knew this Wedding was going to be so exciting and beautiful! 

The Bride got ready at The Hancock House in Hancock, NY. She was so excited when we got there to start her photos, she could not wait to get into her dress! She was glowing (maybe due to the charcoal scrub.. that's a story for another day). Marlo was so beautiful, she was excited and anticipating the arrival of her limo with the company of her lovely bridesmaids. 

We arrived at the church, walked up the beautiful stone steps to the door. As I waited inside for the ceremony to begin, I watched as Paul and the groomsmen filed out from a backroom, and aligned themselves at the end of the aisle. You could see the nervousness in Paul's eyes, as he watched the girls start with their procession down the aisle. His eyes lit up when he saw Marlo walk in. What a beautiful site. So much love was shared during the ceremony, between the kindest of touches, the tears cried, and happiness that spread through the church.  

The reception kicked off at La Salette in Hancock, NY. A restaurant owned by the groom's parents. Everyone relaxed, drank, laughed, and most of all enjoyed the beautiful weather, celebrating the union of Paul & Marlo. Two souls, meant to be together. The friends and family of both bride and groom danced and partied the night away, along with two beautiful dogs. (Of course I was in love with dogs at the wedding, I wish this happened more often). It was a beautiful day to celebrate with such a lively and wonderful group of people! Photographs were taken with Paul's father Alex and his old cars, which are near and dear to his heart. Paul danced his parent dance with his two sisters, it was very heartfelt and beautiful. Marlo danced with her father, for her parents dance.  Marlo's Maid-of-Honor's birthday was also on May 26th, and to surprise her, Marlo *who is a baker* made a cake specifically for Sandy, and led the entire wedding group in singing "Happy Birthday" to her. So many special things occurred at this Wedding, it was magical for lack of a better word. 

Thank you Marlo & Paul for trusting us to capture the beautiful memories shared on your Wedding Day. We are so excited to share your Wedding sneak preview on our blog! Enjoy a flash back to the most amazing day of your life!