Amanda & Dale Cole; Wedding

Love stories are so incredible. Every single love story is different, is unique and is beautiful. In life you look to create, and continue writing your love story. Finding the perfect person to write your love story with is important. Once you find that person, everything falls into place. 

I had the opportunity to meet Amanda & Dale last year when we scheduled their Engagement Session. We had so much fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing their interactions together, their love through both verbal and nonverbal communication, and how their interests were shared one with the other. From photos with horses, to photos with Dale's truck, everything was perfect. It was awesome, and I couldn't wait to photograph their 2018 wedding. 

Saturday, June 2, 2018 was the day that Amanda & Dale chose to continue writing their love story as husband and wife. They held their Wedding ceremony at Welcome Lake Firehall in Beach Lake, PA. Dale's mother, step-dad, aunt and cousin travelled all the way from Arkansas to be part of the Wedding ceremony and celebration! It was a very beautiful ceremony, filled with emotion and joy. Everything about that day was perfect. 

After the ceremony we took some beautiful photos in a gorgeous field. As we walked through the field, I was reminded of how perfect Amanda & Dale were together. I was filled with happiness as I capture the love between the two of them. So in love, so happy, and so ready to continue writing their love story together. We had a wonderful time creating beautiful images of the happy couple, of their friends and of their family. Not only could I see the love that was shared between Amanda & Dale, I also saw how much love they had for their friends and especially for their families. Dale's mother gifted Amanda a beautiful heirloom from his grandmother- a pearl necklace. The giving of this necklace showed how much Dale's mother treasured adding Amanda to their lives. It was such a wonderful moment to capture and be a part of. 

The reception was held at the Beach Lake Firehall. Everyone gathered to continue celebrating the union of Amanda & Dale. They danced, shared stories and laughed together. Amanda & Dale shared very special dances with their parents, and then were given from the parents to each other, to share their first dance as husband and wife. Each of these three dances were very beautiful, one of my favorite times during a wedding celebration. The couple danced the night away with the company of friends and family who were extremely excited to be a part of the couples special day! These memories shared will last a lifetime. 

We are so happy to have been able to work with and share the moments of the Cole's beautiful day together. We are so excited to hear how their story continues to be written through love, adventures, laughter and happiness. May the two of them be blessed with a long life together! Congratulations Amanda & Dale on your beautiful Wedding and your continuing life as husband and wife.