June Weddings

June Weddings are so common and so beautiful. The first of summer, the warm air, and the sweet smell of grass. The lighting is always beautiful and the nights are the perfect smidgen of cool. No matter what part of the country you’re in you will find a plethora of Weddings happening in the beauty of June.

This June we had some incredible couples who shared their love and memories with us. Each Wedding was without a doubt breathtaking. From new Venues to old, and everything in between. Each day played out like a fairytale specific to the couple who began writing their never-ending love story on the day they said “I Do”.

June 1st we spent thinking of our nostalgic childhood— dancing around in a yellow ballgown dreaming of tea cups dancing along side of us, through the magic of a Beauty & The Beast themed Wedding! (Can you believe this was a first for us?) YES, our FIRST themed Wedding.. and to say it was magical would be an understatement).