June Weddings

June Weddings are so common and so beautiful. The first of summer, the warm air, and the sweet smell of grass. The lighting is always beautiful and the nights are the perfect smidgen of cool. No matter what part of the country you’re in you will find a plethora of Weddings happening in the beauty of June.

This June we had some incredible couples who shared their love and memories with us. Each Wedding was without a doubt breathtaking. From new Venues to old, and everything in between. Each day played out like a fairytale specific to the couple who began writing their never-ending love story on the day they said “I Do”.

June 1st we spent thinking of our nostalgic childhood— dancing around in a yellow ballgown dreaming of tea cups dancing along side of us, through the magic of a Beauty & The Beast themed Wedding! (Can you believe this was a first for us?) YES, our FIRST themed Wedding.. and to say it was magical would be an understatement).

Jordan & Katie Meyer; Wedding

Young love, people say it's too good to be true, that it'll never last.. or that you don't know what you're getting into. I can speak from experience on that. What people don't tell you is just how incredible it is for two people are when they fall in love at a young age. People don't tell you how many more memories you get to make with a person when you fall in love at a young age. But mostly people don't tell you how LUCKY you are to find someone who is your soul mate.. at a young age. 

Last weekend I created timeless imagery with Jordan and Katie at their Wedding. The two have been friends for pretty much ever, and if you talk to anyone who went to Damascus with them, they'll say they aren't surprised that they got married.. because they were perfect for each other.. even back in Middle School. They grew up around each other, being friends first-- then boyfriend & girlfriend-- and on June 16th, 2018-- they became husband and wife! I worked with the couple last fall and their adorable puppy Stella (at the time she was so small, but she's grown so much since) to photograph their engagement pictures. We had a lot of fun, hiking and trying not to break any ankles. It was apparent at that time that Jordan and Katie were just the match made in heaven. 

On Saturday I met Katie and Jordan at their Wedding Venue in Union Dale, The Farm at Cottrell Lake (another of my favorite venues to work at). The location was perfect, and the weather couldn't have been any better! The sun was out, and so were the smiles on all the bridesmaids and Katie as I walked into the room! I have been so excited about this Wedding since last year! You could feel the excitement contained by everyone in the house.. especially Katie. The day was perfect. 

Katie and her Dad did a special father-daughter first look! It was so nice, you could tell how incredibly excited her dad was to see her in her dress. She was stunning! He walked her down the aisle with so much pride, arm-in-arm right to the front where Jordan waited. His eyes sparkled when he looked up to see his beautiful bride standing in front of him. A smile graced his face, and hers as they peered into each others eyes before the pastor started the ceremony. Jordan & Katie wrote their own vows, which was so awesome. They included vowing to cheer for each other's sports teams and other creative and meaningful things like that. Even listening to their vows, you could tell they were meant to be! 

I am always so overwhelmed with emotion during the course of the day. Sometimes I find myself crying during the ceremony, sometimes during the reception. I held myself together until I watched as Jordan and Katie danced their first dance as husband and wife. That was my breaking point. I saw such a love between the two of them, and could feel the emotion that they shared as they glided across the floor. They were on cloud 9, and you could see it in their eyes. It was almost as if they were the only two people in the room. So precious, 

Jordan's friends, family and groomsmen surprised Jordan with a Hawaiian t-shirt (which they all changed into at some point during the reception). His face lit up so bright and was so excited to put on his t-shirt with the guys! Such a neat moment to watch, and capture. A memory that he will treasure for a lifetime, just like so many detailed moments of their day! Katie also had a beautiful detail, when her bouquet was made, they placed a small red bird inside the bouquet, as a memorial to her grandmother who passed a few months prior. These incredible details make a wedding day, the most rememberable and important, and we were so very happy to be able to capture these beautiful details. Jordan & Katie also recreated a photograph taken long ago, where Katie's dad was helping Jordan tie his ice skate-- you'll see the re-creation below-- so many fun moments encompassed the day! 

The bride and groom spent the remainder of the evening dancing and making memories with friends a family. They took part in an entertaining cake cutting, danced with their parents, and also the night led to a very funny bouquet and garter toss. Every aspect of the wedding was incredible. Every detail was astonishing, and everything was planned out perfectly! 

We would like to send a Congratulations out to Jordan & Katie, and also wish them a lifetime of happiness, laughter, adventure, and love! We look forward to seeing more from the two of them, and also watching as their love for each other continues to grow! We are so grateful to have been a part of their most special day! And we are super excited to share this sneak preview with them and you all!