As a child each of us dream of places we would like to go, things we would like to do, or things that we would like to see.. My dreams as a child were no different from most. I remember being young and dancing around the living room with a vacuum cleaner, pretending that I was a hit singer preforming for a huge audience. Although this dream of being a 'Super Star' went no further than my living room, other dreams surfaced as I got older. Dreams of being happy in my career, and making a difference in peoples lives. Dreams of using my creativity and being able to travel.

As I ventured off to college, I wasn't sure where my dreams would land me, or really what dreams I'd like to pursue. I had dreams of working for a big magazine, creating layouts, and writing. I had dreams of being part of a big company, working in the city, and being very important. In each of my dreams, I had a smile. I had a purpose. I had a destiny. As life would have it, situations changed, and I was led in an entirely different direction. I was led down the road to photography.

I had always been the one walking around with a camera, I probably had one on me at all times. I started with disposable cameras (I'm pretty sure I still have some that need to be developed), this led to some 35 mm film cameras, and eventually pushed me into the realm of digital. I fell in love. I did research, I shot for fun, I took a leap of faith and ventured 12+ hours away to obtain my photography education. I found a new dream. I found a purpose. I found my calling.

Within the dream of being a professional photographer, I also found the dream of experience. I found myself wanting more and more for my business. I wanted to be there for the most magical moments of my clients lives, I wanted to be important. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my clients. Wedding photography has done just that. In addition to the other types of photo artwork that I create, Wedding photography is my calling. In collaboration with Wedding photography, traveling to different areas, and meeting new people has also become part of the dream.. finally coming true.

In December I traveled to Costa Rica to photograph my very first Destination Wedding! Bucket List item checked off! I was able to document an entire week of Rehearsals, Dinners, Explorations, and vital Wedding moments. I was able to capture some of the beautiful scenery, of a place I never expected to go.. the dream of travel became a reality. I am forever grateful for the experience that I had in Costa Rica, and am very excited to now advertise as a Destination Photographer. Dreams do come true.