“I cannot say enough amazing things about Harmony, her photography skills, and her way with people. She is exactly what you want in a photographer for any event. In the two separate occasions I have had with her, she is exactly what the role needs. In a boudoir shoot, she is calm and caring, and she makes you feel like no matter what, you're hott as hell and you own the room and camera. I was so nervous and have little self confidence, especially in a boudoir setting, but she makes it so easy to act natural and let your hair down. She has great ideas of different shots, and listens to what you have in mind as well. She makes what could be a totally awkward situation feel as if you're just hanging out with an old friend, minus some articles of clothing! During a wedding, she is fun and energetic and she gets all the right shots, and actually listens to what YOU want in the shots. I wanted more candid photos, and even sent her a whole pinterest board on what shots I had in mind for the "set up" pictures. She knows exactly how to make sure you get what you want, recommending a list of who and what shots you want done so that you know you wont forget anything, because... it's your wedding day and you have more important things to think about, so let her handle it because she is literally amazing.

I literally cannot wait to book her for all things we have to look forward to in the future, and cannot recommend her to enough people. The occasions you want a photographer there for are times you want to remember everything from, and be able to look back on, and Harmony is the only one I can wholeheartedly trust to capture my special moments in life.”—Brittany Kratz