An introduction to Me:

Hello, my name is Harmony Renee. I am a professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer born and raised in Pennsylvania, right in the middle of nowhere! If you’ve heard of Scranton, PA— or if you’ve ever watched The Office (one of my favorite shows), I live about 30 minutes from there in the absolute MIDDLE of nowhere. It’s a pretty country area out here, which is why when the chance to move to SC and go to photography school approached me, I jumped on it and ran! With lots of love, patience, support and prayers from my friends and family, I currently am working as a dual location photographer with my home base being Scranton, PA, and my second location in the beautiful Charleston, SC.

Family is one of the most important parts of my life. And I have definitely been blessed with an incredible one! There is always distance between us all, but when we are together the laughter never stops, and the happiness is contagious. I come from two gigantic families, so back home— I’m related to almost everyone! It’s amazing knowing that no matter what I always have someone. My family are my best friends, and my best friends are my family. I have a small group of close friends, who mean the world to me. I look forward to the most simple of adventures.

On October 4, 2014 I married my High School Sweetheart, Justin. Not only is my husband my best friend in the ENTIRE world, he is also a huge support for me. He always makes me laugh and knows how to keep me smiling. We are going on 13 years together this year. 13 years full of laughter, adventure, memories, and love. Together we have two dog-kids. Buddy— who is our Golden Retriever mix. He is somewhere between 9-10 years old. We found Buddy in 2011 at a truck stop in SC. We fell in love, took him home, and later adopted him from The Charleston Animal Society. He is the most wonderful dog, and my baby. We adopted another dog in 2016, Gunny— who is our Shih-tzu. He has been a challenging dog since day one, but he LOVES his new life in Charleston. He loves to play, sleep and bark.. and bark.. did I say bark?! Regardless we love him!

I love the country, and the simple life, and that's what originally brought us back to NEPA after I graduated from college. Although this life- this country life-- is beautiful, my husband’s job moved him back to SC. We lived separated for about a year, until I decided to take a dive and go from a part-time photographer, to running full force into the full-time career. Terrified, it’s been amazing. I work very hard to have the flexibility to work both in Charleston, and in NEPA maintaining a "destination photographer” vibe. I love my clients/friends in both locations, and would be completely lost without any of you!

Here are some random facts about me: I love coffee. Anytime. Any-type. | I am a type 1 diabetic. | I enjoy shopping and have way more clothes than any human really needs. | I support a lot of my friends and their small businesses. | I bartend on the side. | My husband drives truck for a living, transporting vehicles. I love riding in the truck with him. | I typically have crazy hair. | I love traveling. | My favorite movie is The Grinch (with Jim Carey). | My favorite TV Shows are: Friends and That 70’s Show. | I wear glasses often. | I have an obsession with Vera Bradley. | Black and White Photography makes me super happy. | Sunflowers are my FAVORITE. | I’m terrified of snakes (yes I will run..). | My favorite outfit is jeans + t-shirt + hoodie. | Instagram is my favorite app. | You will always find me with either cowboy boots, Vans, Converse or flip flops on. | Music is life. | New to the Oily family. | I don’t have the patience to read, but love a good audiobook. | My favorite food is Pizza. | My all time favorite color is blue, but my current favorites are army green + maroon. | My favorite snack is apple + peanut butter. | I love to sleep with a fan on. |

      My relationship with Photography 

Did you ever meet a person who always was taking pictures? Annoyingly always taking pictures, of EVERYTHING? That was me, I was that annoying person, always taking ridiculously unnecessary pictures. I went through more digital cameras than any person should. I always had one in my hand. I took a film photography class in High School but didn't see eye-to-eye with the teacher. This caused me to HATE photography. I loved the process, and developing the photos, but the class and the teacher put a bad taste in my mouth. I figured— my artistic approach wasn’t good, and that that’s all it was.. art. 

In 2010, I took a Digital Media class at Keystone College, I fell in love with the DSLR camera that I used to shoot my project. I finally had a vision of what I wanted to do. That December I got my first DSLR camera, and I knew my heart strings were pulling toward a new adventure. As 2011 began my boyfriend, now husband, and I were given the opportunity to relocate to Charleston, SC and the following fall I began my photography education at Trident Technical College. In 2013 I graduated with my Associate's degree in Photography. That fall we followed our roots back to Pennsylvania, and I began my photography business. I have followed my dream, and am ready to go wherever it leads me. 

Photography has been my centering field. Something I love, and that I think of each and every day. I can envision the photo before it’s taken. I can feel the emotions through the lens of my camera. I have learned to understand WHY I want to capture memories for my friends, family and clients. I have a strong desire to keep memories alive, and the only way to do that is through photography. My career is amazing, and so rewarding. I am able to create artwork that remains invaluable, the moments are priceless, and happiness I’m able to share is incredible.

     Our unique and personal spin on Photography

My goal, as the owner and lead photographer of Harmony Renee Photography, is to create a wonderful experience for each client, whether it’s for a family getting together for the first time in years to have family portraits taken, or the couple who is so excited, and so nervous on their Wedding day. My team is here to work for our clients, and make their photography experience wonderful! We are available with full communication from the start of your photography experience till the end, and beyond. We aim to create lasting relationships with all of our clients, and we love to watch our clients lives grow and expand. In addition to the typical digitalized path of photography, we still hold close to our classic photography roots of printed artwork. Each package includes customized artwork not only in digital form, but also printed. We share our love of prints with our clients, and we LOVE to see your printed images on your walls! No matter what type of photo session you book, we value you! Our Mini Session clients are given the same respect, and experience as our Wedding Day clients. You are not a number with Harmony Renee Photography, you are a memory. You are a friend. You are family.

Having a personal touch and a unique style is what we strive for at each shoot. Creating images that our clients love is our mission. We strive to create images that tell a story, not only of your special day, in the case of weddings, but also of your life through the creation of your personalized portraits.I love being able to capture a memory, for myself and for others. Memories last a lifetime, being able to revisit them, is genuinely a gift. I like being able to present people with that gift, to hold it forever. 


To capture a moment, and hold it forever..
— Harmony Renee